SOLD OUT! I’m working on orders as quickly as possible & the shop will be restocked soon💖


Usually 10-15 business days unless otherwise stated on the listing. Please check listing descriptions for exact turn around times.

All earrings will come with the hardware displayed in their photo. If you'd like to swap out your hardware to something else, please send me an email or add it to the order notes. Please note that there are some pairs that I cannot swap out the hardware. 

Almost all of my earrings come with lever back hoops and are stretched ears friendly. For context, mine are stretched to 1 inch & i have no problem with lever back hoops. 

If your earrings break, please contact me right away with a photo of your earrings and we can discuss a solution. However, I will not refund items that have not been cared for or stored incorrectly. I will not replace or refund items more than 6 months old.
Clay is durable & lightweight but should still be handled with care. It can break with improper use & storage.
Store in a cool, dry place.
To clean, use a soft wet cloth or Q tip with water & gently wipe.
Do not use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover on any items from my shop as 99% are shaded with soft pastels or acrylic paint. Using rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover would remove and ruin your earrings/pin/magnet.